[Pipet Devel] name changes in pied

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Thu Jul 27 12:37:27 EDT 2000

Jeff wrote:
> As discussed, I'm making the following changes to names in the Pied 
UI to
> match names in Overflow:
>    Connector  --->  Link

Actually, connector is more analagous to "Terminal" in Overflow (I 
like connector better, tho :-). In Overflow, as in Piper, a Link is an 
actual connection between two connectors (or terminii).

Jeff wrote:
> Brad, I hope the use of "node" does not cause any problems.  You 
> the
> conflict with DOM, but I'm assuming Pied is far enough removed.

Well, I've given up my "no Node" crusade and resigned myself to the 
fact that people like it :-). So feel free to change away!


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