[Pipet Devel] name changes in pied

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Jul 28 09:40:16 EDT 2000

> Hmmmmmmmm.  In Overflow, the little dots on the edges of the nodes 
> "terminals" then?  Terminal is a better name for the way it appears 
> Overflow.  In Peep, "Link" may actually be a better name, since it is
> something like a symlink on the Unix command-line.  

I think "Link" is confusing because a link is a connection between two 
different connectors (or terminii). If we are deciding on naming, what 
I'd like to have is:

Connector -> One part of a thing that will make up a link (ie. inputs 
and outputs of a node). So this is a generic name to refer to Inputs 
and Outputs.

Link -> The connection between two connectors.

> "Terminal" and
> "Connector"
> may actually be confusing terms in Peep.

Well, even in Peep nodes have inputs and output. You might not 
explicitly see them (ie. you only see links or pipes or whatever, as 
in the command line) but they are there. We need a way to refer to the 
things that make up the connections, and this should be separate from 
the name of a connection.
    Does this make any sense? What do you all think?


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