[Pipet Devel] bonobo -- off-list

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Jun 2 15:03:26 EDT 2000

Just moved this off the list because this is probably noise, and I 
don't want to get tied into anything to do with bonobo :-).

> Yeah, if many Gnome apps become bonobo-ized, then Pied can show them 
in a
> windowlet.  I think that would be important.  Also, I'm not sure if 
I would
> use bonobo, pygtk, or pyglade to make widgets appear in windowlets. 
> Additionally, bonobo may allow Pied to make use of an SVG viewer, as 
> been
> writing so much about.  Yeah, there are lots of apps :-)

Can you name one in particular you'd specifically like me to play 
with? I just need a direction to get going on that will be useful to 

> Post this to the pygtk list.
> You may also want to check the gnome-devel, orbit, and pyorbit lists 
to see
> if
> anyone is working on it already.

I just want to look into it, not actually do it if it turns out to be 
a serious pain. So getting myself mixed up in it is a serious no-no!

> It may be worth-while, if you're bored.  And I'd appreciate it, but 
it's not
> critical, yet.

Well, I'm certainly not bored :-). Just curious about what it would 
entail. Maybe I'll take a look into it. I'll let you know where I get 
stuck, or if I have any luck. 
    Thanks Jeff, I was just curious about this and didn't want to 
bother if you "never would think of using bonobo" or something.


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