[Pipet Devel] GConf, Loci, pickles, etc.

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sat Jun 10 15:12:31 EDT 2000

> > But, it's your baby.  I promise you, I won't pressure you anymore........today
> > ;-)

wargl :-)

> I strongly suggest at least a 1st degree change to C++. By that I simply mean

Yes, that is what I'm about to do.

> question. However, I can say that once you've started using the STL, you never
> want to go back. It's so simple and intuitive to use. For example, you can use a
> "string" type as if it were an int, with all the operators and never caring
> about deleting pointers, ...

Hehe, this is the feeling I have with glib :)

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