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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Jun 12 04:33:10 EDT 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
>     Do you know what the deal is with their code? What language is it
> written in?

Nobody knows ;-)  I guess it's C/C++ since it's supposed to run on Linux, Win,
Mac and even Palm.  Maybe it's Java.

They do have libraries for Python, C/C++, and.....hmmm....some obscure
language.......what's it called......Pearl or something?  ;-)  But no Java, so
maybe it isn't written in Java :-P

> When will it be available?

It looks like they'll have several releases during the 3rd quarter.

> It would be cool to be able to look at how things work on the
> innards of BlueBox/dLoo to see how Piper could fit in with it.

It would be, especially if we're going to collaborate ;-)  (I'm on a roll.)

> Would that mean I would have money again? I've been wanting to follow
> this exceptionally hot stock tip that a friend of mine gave me and buy
> tons of shares of Pabst, the makers of that fine brew "Colt 45."
> Apparently, the malt liquour industry is really going to be taking
> off, and I'd like to get in on the ground level of that. Then I can
> also drink 40s continually and be doing it "to help my stocks." Okay,
> sorry, not enough sleep over here :-).

Standin' next to the piano with the fine, beautiful ladies, sippin' on a

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