[Pipet Devel] [Fwd: GNU Piper]

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Jun 12 00:14:32 EDT 2000

> This is a reply from Nile Geisinger of the BlueBox project (what I 
> yesterday).  READ! :-) 

Ay ay, sire.
Jeff, I'm really happy that we could team up with more people, so that 
is definately super snazzy news :-). You are the man.
    Do you know what the deal is with their code? What language is it 
written in? When will it be available? It would be cool to be able to 
look at how things work on the innards of BlueBox/dLoo to see how 
Piper could fit in with it.

Nile wrote:
> If we do decide to collaborate, we will probably
> want to provide you and other developers with equity
> in our company as a means of supporting your efforts,

Would that mean I would have money again? I've been wanting to follow 
this exceptionally hot stock tip that a friend of mine gave me and buy 
tons of shares of Pabst, the makers of that fine brew "Colt 45." 
Apparently, the malt liquour industry is really going to be taking 
off, and I'd like to get in on the ground level of that. Then I can 
also drink 40s continually and be doing it "to help my stocks." Okay, 
sorry, not enough sleep over here :-).


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