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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Fri Jun 23 13:14:34 EDT 2000

It looks like we may be competing against Micro$haft now:

"These problems are multiplied if you use more than one PC or mobile device.
To access your online information, e-mail, offline files and other data, you
have to struggle with multiple (and often incompatible) interfaces, varying
levels of data access, and only intermittent synchronization of all the
information you need (i.e., when you physically link your device with your
PC). Online data is presented in an incomplete and predefined format, greatly
limiting its usefulness. The concept of a customized "personal information
space" that adapts to your needs is still a dream."
"For developers, Microsoft is creating an entirely new set of Microsoft .NET
development tools, designed from the ground up for the Web, and spanning
client, server and services. These tools will enable developers to transform
the Web from today's static presentation of information into a Web of rich
interactive services. Microsoft's breakthrough next-generation Visual Studio
tool suite automates development of Web Services via the drag-and-drop
rapid-application development paradigm pioneered by the Visual BasicÒ
development system -- services that can be consumed on any platform that
understands XML. Visual Studio even automatically generates XML code."
"The Microsoft .NET programming model gives independent developers the
opportunity to focus fewer resources on where or how an application runs and
more on what it does -- on where they can add real value. Microsoft .NET
addresses some of the biggest challenges facing developers, who today are
wrestling with the tradeoff between functionality and manageability. It takes
ASPs and application hosting to a new level, enabling the integration of
hosted applications with other applications, whether hosted or not; the
customization of those applications; the ability to program against those
applications; and the option to run the applications offline."


What do you think?

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