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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Sat Jun 24 16:03:46 EDT 2000

"o.t" wrote:
> There is little technical information on your web site.

We're working on it :-)

> Are you creating a visual programming language (VPL)? If so then what
> paradigm will it use? Or are you creating a framework in which different
> VPLs can be plugged in?

Piper started out (as Loci) as a framework to connect APPLICATIONS across the
Internet.  It just so happened that we found a VPL being developed that uses a
very similar paradigm, only it is not Internet-distributed.  That VPL (I guess
you can call it that) is Overflow, by Jean-Marc Valin and Dominic Letourneau:


We decided to work together since we had complementary systems and compatible
licenses (GNU).

> There is a huge number research papers about VPLs on the net:
> http://cui.unige.ch/eao/www/Visual/Visual.Programming.biblio.html
> http://www.cs.orst.edu/~burnett/vpl.html
> http://cui.unige.ch/eao/www/petri/list.html
> Maybe you can put pointers to papers that you use in your project on
> your web site.

Thanks for the links.  Jean-Marc is probably the best person to answer your
question.  The Internet-distributed part of Piper was not developed with a
documented VPL model in mind, but perhaps Overflow was.

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