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Jean-Marc Valin 94329828 at hermes.usherb.ca
Sat Jun 24 19:12:05 EDT 2000

Quoting "o.t" <o.t at altavista.net>:

> There is little technical information on your web site.

Try http://freespeech.sourceforge.net/overflow.html
There is some (outdated) doc.

> Are you creating a visual programming language (VPL)? If so then what
> paradigm will it use? Or are you creating a framework in which different
> VPLs can be plugged in?
> There is a huge number research papers about VPLs on the net:

As said before, Overflow is complementary to the rest of Piper. At first, the 
goal was not to design a VPL, it just evolved this way. The idea was to make it 
simple to do image and signal processing. Currently, most "features" you 
would expect from a language are there: conditions, loops, functions/arguments. 
The features it has now are features that are/were useful to us (the GUI was the 
last part being written). 

The main thing to know about it is that it works by "pulling" on data, and not 
the other way. We currently have "toolboxes" for the following things: 
speech/signal processing (both real-time and batch), image processing, neural 
networks and vector quantization. You can contact me if you need more info.

      Jean-Marc Valin

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