[Pipet Devel] Pied TODO

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Sun Jun 25 00:00:51 EDT 2000

Here is an updated TODO list for Pied.  I need one for each part of Piper. 
They will of course be included in the code, but I also want to put them on
the web (Brad's suggestion) so that potential volunteers will know what needs
to be done.  Please post them to this list! :-)  Hurry, hurry!  Then we can
announce the project on Gnotices and Freshmeat, right Brad?  Jeff



* Link selection and indication via color change

* Pop-up menu needs to reflect the item selected (node, link, workspace)

* Link disconnection via pop-up menu over link

* Node deletion; 2 types: (1) delete to move to another windowlet, and (2)
delete to destroy

* Connection of more than 2 links together; allowed is either N>0 outputs with
1 input, or N>0 inputs with 1 output

* Add and remove links to/from nodes

* Show and hide unconnected links; represents "map to parent" and "dead end",

* Automatic link mapping to parent node

* Windowlets attached to links; will give informational view

* Names attached to links; seen only when disconnected and/or selected

* Windowlets resizable by dragging on frame (no windowsill)


* Node import to take place via DnD from Gnome desktop, file manager, or open

* Alternate view in windowlet: Gtk widgets

* Occupy or unoccupy parent windowlet (menu option -- no windowsill)

* Alternate view in windowlet: Informational view (name, icon, location)

* Alternate view in windowlet: Global view of network

* Alternate view in windowlet: Tree view showing hierarchy of supernets and

* Status minicons (surrounding node icon -- no windowsill)

* Multiple node selection capabilities; SHIFT-button1 and CTRL-button1 will do

* Network navigation via keyboard

* Clipboard node for doing copy/cut/paste of nodes; should be a subnet and
able to be placed on the workspace.

* Trash node; like clipboard node

* Start up with a few nodes already on the workspace (trash, clipboard)

* Node export to Gnome desktop or file manager

* Option to add only MIME and link type-compatible nodes to other nodes


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