[Pipet Devel] A couple o' BL questions

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sun Jun 25 17:43:18 EDT 2000

> > To compare these values they must represent the same node type. Nodes with high
> > values (weights) require less resources and will be scheduled on systems that
> > have high load, and nodes with low weights are redirected to systems with lot
> > of idle resources. Each [time frame] the weights for all BL nodes are
> > recalculated and rescheduled accordingly.
> If I understand what you're saying, the user (network builder) won't choose
> the location of a node, the BL will.  Is that true?

When the node is created the user will choose, and localhost will be default. But
when the node
is free to be located on an other system, the BL will do so if that is 'better'. We
can introduce
'fixed' nodes of course if they are needed, so the BL wont touch them.


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