[Pipet Devel] sessions (was: we're back)

Jennifer Steinbachs stein at fmnh.org
Wed Mar 1 11:49:47 EST 2000

<big huge snip>

> > I'd rather do things the way I described
> > above, with a login dialog. Then the middle can 
> > generate all of the new ports while running, and
> > pass the info back to the middle. This way, all
> > fronts start off by talking to the middle on one
> > standard well-known port, and then can subsequently
> > be assigned specific ports if necessary. Does this
> > sound snazzy?
> Very snazzy.  BTW, what port number will we be using? 
> It's fixed, right?

Please keep in mind that not everybody has unrestricted
access (bi-directionally) to the outside world.  How
will this communication work with firewalls?  Not
something you'd necessarily have to deal with in a
typical academic setting, but at my institution we have
serious restrictions on my outside access (e.g. if your
web server is running on port 8080 we cannot access it
without poking a hole in the firewall).

Just stirring the pot a bit :)


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