[Pipet Devel] sessions (was: we're back)

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Wed Mar 1 12:19:52 EST 2000

Jennifer Steinbachs wrote:
> Please keep in mind that not everybody has unrestricted
> access (bi-directionally) to the outside world.  How
> will this communication work with firewalls?  Not
> something you'd necessarily have to deal with in a
> typical academic setting, but at my institution we have
> serious restrictions on my outside access (e.g. if your
> web server is running on port 8080 we cannot access it
> without poking a hole in the firewall).

That's a good point.  And yeah, we did say that front-to-middle communication
would be _local_.  So, why am I talking about Internet ports suddenly?  Brad,
can you explain how this front-to-middle communication works?  To what extent
does it use sockets and ports?

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