[Pipet Devel] locus notes (fwd)

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Thu Mar 2 15:19:30 EST 2000

> So, how about having a text widget where people can write all sorts 
of notes,
> and have the notes kept as meta-data with the respective locus?  
> clicking
> in an area of a composited GUI will switch notes to those of a 
> (locus contained within a composite).

This sounds neat, and would definately be along the lines of what I 
was trying to do with the messages--keep the immediate info for a 
locus with a locus, instead of putting all info for all loci into one 
big file. I think in terms of xml representation, I could just store 
the information with a locus inside
<note> tags (or something like this). This could probably happen as 
soon as your ready to start implementing this in the GUI, since we 
could just define a protocol like:

   <locus id = 'workspace1/container1.xml'/> <!--The locus to add the 
note to-->
     What is in the note. Maybe we could even have <bold>tags</bold> or
     something here.

I need to work on saving loci so that they can be recalled in another 
session before this will be really useful, but we could start on it 
now, if you want.


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