[Pipet Devel] Re: Overflow/Loci/GMS collaboration

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Mar 14 09:55:42 EST 2000

Jarl van Katwijk wrote:
> it's structures are to small, it's more suiteble for realtime processing as it is for
> application intergration.

But that's exactly why we're combining efforts: Overflow does something Loci
and GMS don't, and visa versa.  Overflow is not an application integration
environment, but Loci and GMS can't provide such low-level building blocks for
high-speed graphical application development.

> Using the Overflow core will requere a lot of
> configurartion before it can do something usefull, even when on got a lot 'subnets'.
> Also its components wont be manageble, they will be in the system in too great
> numbers for a security\authentication system to handle.

I don't know.  If Overflow nodes are connected locally, do they need security

> 2ndly, as I memtioned before
> in some emails, I think nodes of different 'types' wont be as  powerfull as a general
> object type, even when this general type has more cpu\memory overhead. Modern C
> programming libraries, like Glib, will greatly remove this overhead anyway.

Okay, you have a valid point.  I'm willing to have it your way.

> And 3thly
> I dont really like the way Overflow enforces high speed and high configuarability;
> these features should mainly remain inside the wrapped applications themselfs.

Right, well Overflow is for application development; Loci and GMS are for
application integration.  We can have both worlds, can't we?

> 4thly the gms core is
> gonna be very fast: too, it already executes binairy code instead of some form of
> scripting and I'm gonnan optimize the dataflow prosessor a lot.  So there's no need
> to chose  the "overflow way' for speed reasons.

Then I invite Jean-Marc and Dominic to take a look at what GMS has to offer.

> Dont take me wrong, there's surtainly a lot that the 'overflow-way' can do, but I
> think it's not a good base for application intergration.

Again, I think we can do both.

> GMS also does keep track of histori data. Calculation results reusage is a nice
> idea..

That's good.  Loci was going to keep track of every step in network
construction, simply by the fact that the XML command stream could be saved.

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