[Pipet Devel] Re: Overflow/Loci/GMS collaboration

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue Mar 14 10:31:50 EST 2000

> >
> > it's structures are to small, it's more suiteble for realtime processing as it is for
> > application intergration.
> But that's exactly why we're combining efforts: Overflow does something Loci
> and GMS don't, and visa versa.  Overflow is not an application integration
> environment, but Loci and GMS can't provide such low-level building blocks for
> high-speed graphical application development.

GMS can provide this kinda lowlevel building blocks, but they wont be used i

> > Using the Overflow core will requere a lot of
> > configurartion before it can do something usefull, even when on got a lot 'subnets'.
> > Also its components wont be manageble, they will be in the system in too great
> > numbers for a security\authentication system to handle.
> I don't know.  If Overflow nodes are connected locally, do they need security
> authentication???

Yes. Every time a node is created OR a relation betweem them is created, I want to have
sort of authetication takeing place. I'm thinking about manual OK-ing a node once to make
loadable for the system, and calculating a CRC to authenticate. Overflow has a fixed
number of
static nodes, so securing node-creating will be much easier.

But the real problem comes for the authentication of relations between nodes. It wont be
to allow a relation between (overflow type) node A en node B, because it cant be determind
the chain-of-nodes ending into node A will do. In gms authentication between a Collector
and a
Visual will be implemented, and there wont be taken heed of the filters in between. All
and visuals are crc-unique, so the relation between them can be authenticated.  Not having
a system will lead to unacceptable exploiting.
The security system I've in mind is taking much more into account, but relation-creation
is by far
the most important part.

> > And 3thly
> > I dont really like the way Overflow enforces high speed and high configuarability;
> > these features should mainly remain inside the wrapped applications themselfs.
> Right, well Overflow is for application development; Loci and GMS are for
> application integration.  We can have both worlds, can't we?

Yes. But not 100% of both :)


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