[Pipet Devel] Re: Overflow/Loci/GMS collaboration

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue Mar 14 18:12:17 EST 2000

> Brad, providing we all agree that the core will be based on GMS and coded in
> C, you will want to give GMS much of the functionality we designed for Loci:
>   * XML command stream between GUI (front) and core (middle) ??? (unless we
> use CORBA)

Use corba to transport the XML data? This supports having multiple 'clients'
attached to the core (DFP, or dataflow prosessor) even remotely across a network.
 I suggest that communication between cores takes place by extending the pipeline
functionality by a sharing ability.
All other points are already started or are fine to me. XML is the mayor item gms
is missing.

> If we agreed on this, I'd be happy.  And I think if Overflow needs little work
> to be integrated into this system, perhaps there are some GMS/Loci problems
> Jean-Marc and Dominic could address and solve through contributed code.
> Overflow is probably the most advanced (computer science-wise) of the systems,
> so there is much that can be gleaned and used in a GMS-based core.  And
> sharing technologies would help to tightly integrate our projects.

Agree completely.
But first everybody should  have a good look at each others code\situation. I
might be better to do some more work seperately before any intergration attempt
is done.
I want to complete verson 0.4.0 which will take about 1-2 weeks.


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