[Pipet Devel] Re: which handles distribution (was: vsh?)

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Fri Mar 17 10:27:42 EST 2000

> I think it's important that Overflow and GMS aren't completely
> dependent on each other (so you could use GMS for "big" programs
> with distributed systems and use Overflow for "small" libraries on a
> local scale). However, I know for my needs that I would like to use
> both "small" and "big" together, and so I'd like to see Overflow and
> GMS interoperate, so that you don't have to choose one core over
> another. Would it be difficult to define a "distributed API" for GMS
> that Overflow could plug into (when distribution over multiple
> computer was necessary)? Then Overflow could define a "small library
> API" that GMS could plug into to run libraries? Does this make any
> sense?

Yes surtainly does. I've proposed this before, but the overflow people
want to keep the processing speed
and dont want any wrapping. I like to see code like overflow intergrated
into gms, but this wont be started
soon because of the mayor priorities like XML and other that need to be


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