[Pipet Devel] node-to-node communication: you can have it 3 ways!

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sat Mar 18 19:24:41 EST 2000

> I think we can make use of all 3 approaches and choose between none, one and
> two brokers, depending on the circumstances.
> Comments please.

Chart 1 is not acceptable for security and management reasons,
chart 2 is fine, applications communication just the way they should have done
without any system wrapping them,
chart 3 is best when the internet had unlimited capacity :)

I like to see 2 and a 3b possible,
where 3b is Jeffs 3, only the 'gms layer' will try to clone remote nodes to
local addres space

Any reason why 1 should not be thrown away?


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