[Pipet Devel] gui protocol revisited

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Thu Mar 23 02:41:21 EST 2000

> I thought that we could keep both the streaming XML dialog *and*
> CORBA, but just in two different places in the program. My idea was
> that we could keep the small middle that we have in Loci right now to
> communiate with the GUI front via the streaming XML dialog you
> describe.

A kinda 'script interpeter'.. very good idear

> move through a work flow diagram in an even "smarter" way (ie. based
> on the fastest way to implement it) which is what Jarl seems to be
> proposing for GMS's with the neural net and genetic algorithms
> processor.

The GAP will also try to apply new succesfull structures that are
generated elsewhere.

>     Does this make any sense? I think this gives us a lot of reuse of
> code, while maintaing the streaming XML that Jeff digs and the
> CORBA/API interfaces of Overflow and GMS.

OK to me. It would also be a very good point for you to start working on.

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