[Pipet Devel] Naming of three layers

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sun Mar 26 07:46:58 EST 2000

Hi all,

Bard and I are doing some work defining the IDL of the
CORBA communications between
the GUI and the CORE, and we need to have so naming

I propose using this labelling for the three layers
VSH will be build from:
- The DDL, or Dataflow Definitions Layer. This name will
replace 'GUI', because it doesn't need to be graphical, it
only needs to supply a XML document.
- The DBL, or Dataflow Brokering Layer, which will replace
- The DPL, or  Dataflow Processing Layer, which replaces

Some feedback please, maybe remove 'Dataflow' in all


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