[Pipet Devel] summary for web

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Thu Mar 30 02:09:40 EST 2000


OK, here comes MY partial view on vsh. Jean & Brad & Jeff: please fix and expand


Interface internal:
Jeff: This one is for you?

Interface <-> DL:
Brad: This one is for you?

DL internal:
Brad: This one is for you?

DL <-> BL:
There will be three lines of CORBA communication, or ORBs, of which 2 are used
during runtime, 1 is for authentication only. The DL will 'login' to the BL, and
when succesfull the Representation- and the RetreiveInfo communications are
brought up. 'Representation' handles the XML stream ('upload', 'download',
'update'), and 'RetreiveInfo' (until we got a better name) will supply various
information about the 'core'. The XML data is communicated by upload(),
download() and update(), the <NETWORK> tags are filtered out and used as a basis
for brokering.

BL internal:
Runtime optimalisation like internet traffic, cpu load balansing and
representation sharing.

BL <-> PL:
Communications:The PL will be a library, or a 'dynamic loadable binairy', or
simply a '.so' file. So after the initialisation both the BL and PL are merged
into one process\application. They both have the same unix uid, same address
space, etc. The runtime loop is inside the BL, the PL is event based.
(Technically this aint true, the BL wil be attached to a glib-timer and to the
ORbit main loop, which is a glib loop to.. but forget this )

PL internal:
Jean: This one is for you?

PL <-> FA:
Jean: This one is for you?

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