[Pipet Devel] locus vs. node naming

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Mar 31 10:06:08 EST 2000

Hello all;
    I know before you all kind of decided that it would be best to 
refer to individual elements as nodes, as opposed to loci. And this 
was fine with, but I started thinking about it and I see one big 
problem with this: DOM. In DOM, the base "thing" is a node.
    So, if I start referring to everything as a node, this is going to 
make things really confusing really fast, because the definition layer 
code uses *a lot* of DOM.
    Can we either use "locus/loci" in the definition layer, or think 
up a new term that won't clash with DOM so much? 


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