[Pipet Devel] Re: Sodipodi and Loci

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue May 16 03:26:34 EDT 2000

> I saw Miguel demonstrate a Bonobo SVG object when he gave a talk in Boston a
> few months ago, but I don't know exactly what he used.


> We'll take a look at the Nautilus SVG routine.  Loci/Piper can have multiple
> user interfaces in multiple languages, but we may be able to use the SVG
> routine (I suppose in C) for any number of our interfaces.

I aint really sure if what I'm about to say is obvious, but what if nautulus
supports to embed a bonobo component, what if we were to do some coding to add
support for this to the definition or brokering layer. I skip the user interface
because of functionality re-use. Keeps
coding new UI more easy.

I've been browsing bonobo some time ago, and I think hooking this quite simple,
but I do not know whether there's Python bindings for this, for bonobo and for
the gtk_plug widgets.  gtk_socket support would be nice, but isn't needed.
Problem might be if bonobo requiers gtk to operate.

> Yes, we considered Dia early on in the project.  The user interface I'm
> writing now handles connections a little more "quick and dirty" than Dia does,
> which may be all we need (i.e., we don't need to make pictures of the
> interface, only what is contained within it).

Jeff: maybe you could explain the basic structure of the souces of the UI?
I didn't dare reading Python sources yet :)

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