[Pipet Devel] Software Carpentry Project

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed May 17 06:56:58 EDT 2000

Jeff wrote:
> Brad, did you know these Python (not GPL'd though) tools were just 

[...snip...description of software-carpentry tools...]

Yeah, these tools will be very cool, but are still vaporware for at 
least another year or so. I've been watching them because it is kind 
of an interesting thing they have going. Software Carpentry is having 
a design competition with big prize money, and are posting all of the 
designs from different people. Some of the designs are really 
interesting to read, at least for me, since it kind of gives some 
insight into how to lay out a project design (which I have zero 
training in :-).  
    You can check out the pages and stuff at 
http://software-carpentry.codesourcery.com/. I wish these were 
available now, but right now we've only got the fun of autoconf!


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