[Pipet Devel] Update of new directory structure

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sat May 20 17:54:57 EDT 2000

Hello all;
    I've been working again on the new directory structure and 
autoconf/automake build and posted an update at the same place as 
before: http://alpha.bioinformatics.org/bradstuff/index.html. 
    The changes since yesterday are:

1. The INSTALL file has been updated with all the info about the 
current installation process. Please check it out and let me know if 
it makes any sense :-)

2. We are now byte-compiling (with optimization!) the .py scripts 
using James Henstridge's patches to automake. So now we are properly 
installing the python files--yippee!

3. I added the stuff I'm working on for wrapping some overflow code to 
be used in the definition layer. This is compiling for me, using gcc 
2.95.2, but I'm really interested to hear if it compiles for anyone 
else, since this code will need to be able to compile for everyone to 
use piper in the future. Please let me know any errors you get, so I 
can try to figure this all out. If you get stuck badly on the compile 
and can't go any further, you can skip this part of the make (it isn't 
necessary to make anything work right now) by modifying dl/Makefile.am 
as follows:

was -> SUBDIRS = modules scripts vflow
now -> SUBDIRS = modules scripts

and then running ./autogen.sh to revamp everything.

    As always, I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone about 
this. Toodle-loo!


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