[Pipet Devel] batch processing

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed May 24 03:01:38 EDT 2000

> While designing Loci, my first thought was that these "jobs" could be handled
> as they are on a supercomputer: with batch processing.  This allows some
> information to be returned about the progression of the job, cpu time used,
> etc.  It also allows jobs to be scheduled to run at a certain time, with a set
> priority, etc.

I think the sequence or hiarchy of the nets are something of high importance to a
batch schedular: job that should not start untill other(s) are finished. Or job
termintion once certain situations occure.  I've worked a lot with JCL, job control
language, with is the scripting language of IBM mainfraimes. A very typical aspect
of jcl is that it's laking iterations and jumps.
So no for\next until\while stuff and no goto's.  Does Loci depends upon those or
can we leave them out to? This way we'll eliminate deadlocks and halfway jumps. I
suggest we'll ALWAYS use timeouts on jobs and use triggering or stalling as the
only scheduling primals.
I'm only talking about SUBNET batching, inside those at PL level nothing will

The BL will already filter out the subnet structure, so it will be supplied with
the execution scheme. We do not need any changes to the current XML definitions do

I hope I'm being clear.. I had to code too much with JCL. Horrible devices those
mainframes, for your pleasure I attached a jcl script 8)

P.S. I'll be looking at how to implement the KQML as the communication protocol
between BL instances. I dont think it's a question about 'whether or not' to use it
anymore. It's just to perfect.  [beep] democracy on this one :)


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