[Pipet Devel] GConf, Loci, pickles, etc.

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed May 31 13:50:22 EDT 2000

> I don't know enough about GConf to comment about the technology, but I don't
> like to depend too much on gnome (or any other desktop). Plus, I don't think a
> registry-like system would be very good when it comes to exporting piper
> "programs".

Like I said before, I think GConf is very usedfull for gathering information about
applications that are about to be wrapped.

> >
> > Also, I will continue to stress that we don't want a dependency on a desktop
> > system for the CORE of Piper.  I hope that Piper can be installed, configured
> > and ran without the REQUIREMENT of a GUI.  Using GConf for the Gnome UI
> > (Pied/Piper) is fine with me, just not for everything else.
> Same for me!

Not for me :)  But I wont stand in your way if you people ever port Piper to some
other environment. GMS needs some serious modifications to remove gnome
dependancies is we were to do so.

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