[Pipet Devel] release names (was: BL status - Update)

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Nov 9 19:01:08 EST 2000

bizzaro wrote:
>   "Gates of Dawn"

I should have explained the meaning behind this phrase/name.  It probably
escaped most people, except for Brad ;-)

The first album by Pink Floyd was named "Piper at the Gates of Dawn":


Fittingly, Piper is truly "at the gates of dawn".

(And strangely enough, one of the songs on the album is "The

I like the scheme/theme of naming releases after rock songs and albums, since
they tend to have the coolest names :-)  The 0.0.1 release, BTW, was named
"Beginnings" after Chicago's song by the same name.  (Brad, I promise not to
use any songs by The Doobie Brothers ;-))

But, I'd like to keep the development of Piper democratic and not get into
trouble (again) with the other developers, so let me know your opinions and
suggestions.  So far, the name has caused no objections.

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