[Pipet Devel] release names (was: BL status - Update)

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Thu Nov 9 21:24:33 EST 2000

> The first album by Pink Floyd was named "Piper at the Gates of Dawn":

> (And strangely enough, one of the songs on the album is "The
> Gnome"......hmmm.)

ic. I'm not that much a fan of the old Floyd stuff, but the wierdness of it is comform the
current status of Piper

> But, I'd like to keep the development of Piper democratic and not get into
> trouble (again) with the other developers, so let me know your opinions and
> suggestions.  So far, the name has caused no objections.

this name is fine to me.. I volunteerly vote for it :)

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