[Pipet Devel] new snapshot

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Nov 12 15:23:12 EST 2000

[new snapshot]
Jarl, before I start with this, I think the biggest problem is that
you all should make snapshots using 'gmake dist.' If you have autoconf 
et al set up properly, this should automatically give you a tarball of 
everything you need to build things, so that users can build the code
without having to have auto[conf|make]. Just tarring up CVS will make
it hard, especially since you guys let 'configure' scripts slip into
CVS. Bad, bad :-)

Anyways, I'll help with what I can. I still can't install omniORB
because of FreeBSD gcc brokenness, but I'll try to help with what I
can (and am trying to fix omniORB compiling as we speak).

> Running sh ./autogen.sh screws up the compilation of the BL on my
> machine.. if I remove the lines responsible for execution aclocal 
> in the actogen.sh script it is fixed.
> Why is aclocal run again? Can I remove this & commit changes to 
> cvs or will this break the code on another setup?

You need aclocal to generate macros for you, specifically aclocal.m4
which deals with the macros you need. I'm not an automake guru, but I
do know you can't get rid of it. Sorry! :-)

> 2. running the generated ./configure scripts breaks, when I place 
> the aclocal.m4 of the bl directory in the root of the piper sources 
> ./configure runs fine. Do I have a broken aclocal setup? 
> How can I add m4 macro's so that configure can find them?

It sounds like you have a broken macro set up somehow. Normally when
configure whines after running autogen.sh it is because of macro
issues. You should be able to watch during autogen.sh running to see
what macros it is complaining about.

New *.m4 macros are normally in $PREFIX/aclocal (I think new ones go
here) and $PREFIX/autoconf. Automake *.am macros are in $PREFIX/automake.

> 3. during ./configure I get "./configure: AM_PATH_PYTHON: 
> command not found". This probably again is because a wrong m4 
> macro's setup?

Yup, as I just mentioned to you on IRC, you'll see the patches to
autoconf/make to allow it to deal with python. You can grab them from:


Hope this helps some... I'll try to help more if I have luck with gcc
over here.


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