[Pipet Devel] new snapshot

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sun Nov 12 16:50:03 EST 2000

>   ftp://bioinformatics.org/pub/piper/piper-20001112.tar.gz
> As Jarl said, we IMPLORE you to try compiling, even examining, the source
> code.  This is the best way to work out bugs and come up with new ideas
> (remember "The Cathedral and the Bazaar").

Running sh ./autogen.sh screws up the compilation of the BL on my machine.. if
I remove the lines responsible for execution aclocal in the actogen.sh script it
is fixed.

Why is aclocal run again? Can I remove this & commit changes to cvs or will this
break the code on another setup?

running the generated ./configure scripts breaks, when I place the aclocal.m4 of
the bl directory in the root of the piper sources ./configure runs fine. Do
I have a broken aclocal setup? How can I add m4 macro's so that configure can
find them?

during ./configure I get "./configure: AM_PATH_PYTHON: command not found". This
probably again is because a wrong m4 macro's setup?


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