[Pipet Devel] No such file or directory

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Tue Nov 21 22:23:21 EST 2000

I think I'll increase the noise level on the list a little, since this
invloves more than a couple people.

I wrote:
> What's causing this error?  What is BASE_TB_DIR?
> --------------------------------
> jeff at dexter:jeff> Starting definition layer...
> Starting pied...
> ior file:  /home/jeff/piper_info/ior/dl2bl.ior
> Getting document...
> omniORB: Caught an unexpected Python exception during up-call.
> Traceback (innermost last):
>   File "/home/piper/dl/modules/dl2uilserver.py", line 81, in addDocument
>    temp_locus = TempCompositeLocus(self.commit_queue)
>   File "/home/piper/dl/modules/compositelocus.py", line 440, in __init__
>     toolboxes = os.listdir(BASE_TB_DIR)
> OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
> --------------------------------

Then Brad wrote:
> This is the overflow toolbox directory. The definition of BASE_TB_DIR
> is at the top of that file, and overflow_toolbox_dir is imported from
> the piperconfig.py module containing the configuration variables. This
> directory should be OVERFLOW_PREFIX/toolbox, which is where overflow
> puts all of the XML definitions of the nodes.
> If you look in piperconfig.py, which is created during ./configure
> from piperconfig.py.in, you can see the value of overflow_prefix. This
> should be set to the location of overflow (otherwise I'm not sure how
> things would build since the dl wouldn't be able to find the overflow
> libs).
> So I'm not sure why you aren't finding the directory -- I would guess
> that your install is abnormal in some way -- did you move libraries
> around, etc after they were installed by Overflow?

Okay, I see the reference to the directory:

    overflow_toolbox_dir = os.path.join(overflow_prefix, "toolbox")

But, there is no directory named "toolbox" in Overflow, at least not any
more.  There is this directory:

   1 drwxrwxr-x    5 root     root         1024 Nov 20 18:28 tools/

Perhaps Jean-Marc changed the name?

Also, I set the overflow_prefix to


and NOT to


because the include directory is under the vflow directory.  Yo, what up wit
dat?  Is that what it should be set to?  Or should I have "installed" Overflow
into my system directories?

In short, compiling Piper worked fine, but I can't run it now 8-(  It seems
like a quick fix though, however I'd like to get a concensus.

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