[Pipet Devel] Gnutella: To the Bandwidth Barrier and Beyond

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Nov 23 14:55:08 EST 2000

Here is another article about Gnutella and "the problem with P2P":


A few months back we discussed centralization vs. decentralization (P2P) for
Piper and have considered Napster and Gnutella, respectively, as models of
each.  I think we reached a general concensus (at least among the founders of
the Piper project) that decentralization was the way to go.  So, it is
interesting to read about some of the "problems" with Gnutella.  Is the
discussion moot?

And, as usual, there are SOME good comments about this on Slashdot:



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