[Pipet Devel] Status BL

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sun Oct 1 19:59:35 EDT 2000

Hi Pipers,

Here's another BL status update. I was hoping to bring even better news as what
I'm about to summarise,
but I think whats left still will be a big step toward some usable code.

--- DONE list:
1. Finished C to C++ conversion of BL core. It's running, loading it's plugins,
executing the threads, etc.
2. Done C to C++ conversion of the GMS UI. I didn't want to port this at 1st,
but testing\debugging the core
    wont be possible without the old Gms user interface, so I ported this one
too and named it "BL_admin".
    It's compiling and starting, but does not run very long because all the
Corba stuff has not yet been done.
3. Wrote a basic Corba server in the BL core using the OMNIorb libraries. Tested
it with a Python script,
    which works fine.
4. Started the BL <-> PL code.

--- TODO list:
1. Implement BL <-> BL_admin (former GMS UI) Corba functionality
2. Complete DL <-> BL Corba interface
3. Complete BL <-> PL interface(s)
4. Test & bug fix it all :(

My current proffesional project will end october the 4th, after which I still
dont have any official followup project,
so hopefully I'll have a week extra spare time to spend into this TODO list.


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