[Pipet Devel] The Gnutella paradox

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Oct 1 17:05:11 EDT 2000

This is informative, considering we're thinking about a P2P network like
Gnutella for sharing node and network descriptions:

``Mr. Adar hasn't written off Gnutella. He believes a more successful and
scalable system is possible but would require trade-offs such as decreased
privacy and a few centralized network machines. Future versions of Gnutella
could also include a system "default" that forces all users to share, much
like Napster. Otherwise, Mr. Adar believes, Gnutella won't be able to hold up
under the strain if it is flooded by Napster-like traffic.''

(It gets interesting only at Part 3.)


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