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COFFMAN Steven SCoffman at CBSINC.com
Fri Oct 6 16:25:11 EDT 2000

Sorry for the blank message. I blame jet lag.

I got into python last night, and I'm getting it pretty quick. Are there any
python-CORBA documents lying about? I found pygnome GUI articles.

What's the info for anonymous checkout from the CVS server? 
The last item on the DL todo (easier to write XML), looks like a good entry
point into piper and python (the auto-"XSL" for now). On a related note,
have you ever worked with Conglomerate (www.conglomerate.org)? It's a pretty
slick XML editor.


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> If you can help with the DL, you'd save the day.  Python is really easy to
> pick up, trust me.
> Otherwise, Jean-Marc and Jarl, if you need Steve's help more than I do,
let me
> know.

I think Corba and the BL & PL api sets are a bit out of Steve's interests :)
will find anything nice to do he'll definitly should have a look at the DL.

> > P.S. The graphical pipe concept is the most fascinating part to me. The
> > distributed network stuff is cool too, but not as exciting.
> Hear that Jarl?  My stuff is more exciting than yours :-P

hehe, shut up Jeff :)


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