[Pipet Devel] Would like to join the project...

Raphael Bossek raphael.bossek at solutions4linux.de
Sat Oct 7 01:19:44 EDT 2000


I'm 23 years yound and a official Debian GNU/Linux developer. Have
professional expirience in OOAD C++ programming and would like to
contribute to PIPER and package PIPER for Debian GNU/Linux of course :)

PIPER is a interesting project for me, because it uses techniques
that could be interesting in component based software development in
the future.

I'm intet to use PIPER at work for our future Linux embedded products
in conjuction with our OO software design. We are also looking forward
to use CORBA as a common way to offer our software interfaces for the
outside world. So we will support windows and other unices too in the
future and are looking for a forward-looking concept, and PIPER seams
to be one!

Expirience in C++, PERL. Familiar with CORBA. Learning Pyhton at the
moment. No JAVA knowleadge!

Raphael Bossek <raphael.bossek at solutions4linux.de> [ICQ #40047651]

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