[Pipet Devel] Would like to join the project...

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sat Oct 7 02:36:26 EDT 2000

Hi Raphael.

It's great to hear that you'd like to help.  Perhaps, with your experience in
C++ and CORBA, you'd prefer to work on the Run-Time Subsystem, which includes
the Brokering (Generalized Messaging System) and Processing (Overflow)
Layers.  But if you really want to try some Python, you could work on the
Build-Time Subsystem, which includes User Interface and Definition Layers
(Loci).  In any case, we use (or will use) omniORB CORBA everywhere.

It'd also be nice to get some help with packaging.  Right now, we don't have
someone to make DEB's or RPM's.

For anyone interested in helping with Piper and getting CVS commit permission,
please register with The Open Lab at Bioinformatics.org.  We use a modified
version of SourceForge, and the way project contributions are handled is
through this system.  Once you register (click on "Join The Open Lab" at
Bioinformatics.org), contact me, and I can add you as a contributor.  You will
then get a shell account, CVS access, etc.  (If you haven't introduced
yourself to this list, please do so first.)

As I've mentioned before, a good first step is to download the source code
(see the "Download" section on the website), try to compile it (you may need
help with that), run it, and take a gander at the source.  It's all there
(what has been committed anyway), free and open for inspection.  If something
catches your fancy, ask about it on the list.

But, please note that we are still merging 3 code bases: Overflow, GMS and
Loci.  So, it doesn't do everything we want it to yet.  Jarl mentioned that he
will have the Brokering Layer operational and communicating with the
Processing Layer in a few weeks.  After that and some improvements in both the
UI Layer and the communication between Build-Time and Run-Time Subsystems, the
project should really take off.

There are some TODO lists linked to the CVS respository from the "Focus &
Goals" section on the website.  I'm not sure if they are all up-to-date.  If
not, I ask the other contributors to update them and/or post a request for
help on this list.


Raphael Bossek wrote:
> I'm 23 years yound and a official Debian GNU/Linux developer. Have
> professional expirience in OOAD C++ programming and would like to
> contribute to PIPER and package PIPER for Debian GNU/Linux of course :)
> PIPER is a interesting project for me, because it uses techniques
> that could be interesting in component based software development in
> the future.
> I'm intet to use PIPER at work for our future Linux embedded products
> in conjuction with our OO software design. We are also looking forward
> to use CORBA as a common way to offer our software interfaces for the
> outside world. So we will support windows and other unices too in the
> future and are looking for a forward-looking concept, and PIPER seams
> to be one!
> Expirience in C++, PERL. Familiar with CORBA. Learning Pyhton at the
> moment. No JAVA knowleadge!

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