[Pipet Devel] BL->PL design

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sat Sep 9 12:47:06 EDT 2000

Hey thanks for posting this Jarl! A couple of quick comments below:

>  JM offered to write a document about the design us
>  two are happy about.

I would *very* much like to see this. Right now I am really lost as to
where Piper is going next and what stuff we should be coding on.

>  <jarl> I meant to say was if the DL add this extra node into the xml
>  description?

I'm not exactly sure if this is what you guys were talking about here,
but right now the XML description that the DL outputs should be
immediately runnable by the PL. Recently I wrapped the UIDocument::run()
function and ran a couple of XML descriptions produced by the DL through
this and they ran without problems. This is definately not perfect, but
should work for most cases.

>  <jm> A node address will be like "machine:BabyBL ID:node pointer"
>  <jarl> maybe we could use some sort of number system that's used Piper
>  wide that defines locations of nodes\dl's\etc?

I'd be really interested to hear what we are going to do for this point.
Right now we've got a numbering system for the dl2bl communication (which
Jarl talked about in the IRC) but I don't know if this is completely
compatible with what Jean-Marc wants needs. In my mind it would be very
useful to create a standard representation of a node that we could use
throughout Piper and that could be serialized and unserialized by all of
the different parts. Since my last IRC conversation with Jean-Marc I've
been thinking a lot about this and how important it is to have a way to
pass these nodes around between the different parts. I don't know if I
really know the best way to do this, but I thought I would throw it out
to see if anyone has any suggestions/thoughts on it....

Thanks again for posting this. I'm glad that Jarl and Jean-Marc are
coming together on a design they both like :-).


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