[Pipet Devel] Baby-BL implementation

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Sep 11 18:33:49 EDT 2000

Jean-Marc wrote:
>  If by "display nodes", you mean viewers, then I'll answer for the next
>  question.

Yup, that's what I meant!

>  You're right, they won't work! My "implementation" was only meant to
>  include the basic functionalities, but for the probes/viewers, we'll
need to add
>  a sendMessage() and a distributeMessage() to the CORBA stuff in order
>  have communication between the DL and PL. 

Okay, this makes sense. Basics first :-). I just didn't know if what you
sent already included the probe/viewer stuff in it, or if that was to
come. Then I am completely in support of what you have -- let's go for
it! We can add this other stuff on later. Thanks for clearing this up for

>  BTW, there is no reason to do anything
>  particular about the splitting for the probes.

I think this makes sense since we'll have the
sendMessage()/distributeMessage() stuff. But we can worry about this more
later on when we start implementing it! After the basics are done.


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