[Pipet Devel] Baby-BL implementation

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed Sep 13 04:39:51 EDT 2000

> > 2. I'm not sure how the Overflow *Probe will work under this system. Am I
> > missing something basic?
> You're right, they won't work! My "implementation" was only meant to include the
> basic functionalities, but for the probes/viewers, we'll need to add a
> sendMessage() and a distributeMessage() to the CORBA stuff in order to have
> communication between the DL and PL. BTW, there is no reason to do anything
> particular about the splitting for the probes.

I'll takes notes of all updates to the BL-PL design... when the mail-flow dies dry
update the ducoment and post it,


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