[Pipet Devel] BL PL design documentation

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon Sep 11 19:27:30 EDT 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
> I don't know Jeff, I think you should let this drop. It doesn't seem like
> a big deal and we have already started using grandma, mother and baby for
> things. We are really over-analyzing the whole thing. I think you should
> just go with the majority on this one :-).

Hey, haven't I come up with some great names so far? :-)  Just don't get
carried away with the theme and start calling parts of the BBL, "Diaper",
"Pacifier", "Bottle", etc. ;-)

> I don't think this is correct. Jarl's document seems to make an explicit
> point that there is only one BL (Parent) per Piper program running. So
> the DL will only communicate with one BL. The BL itself will be
> responsible for splitting processes up using the whole Mother to Baby
> thing. At least, this is my understanding.

Oh, so one mother per grandma, and many babies per mother?

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