[Pipet Devel] Baby-BL implementation

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed Sep 13 04:02:04 EDT 2000

> 1. It seems like this requires that the MBL be smart enough to know that
> it needs to split a network at display nodes, so that it have access
> to the results that need to be displayed. So if we we had Jean-Marc's
> famous A->(B->C)->D network and say C were a viewer that needed to get
> results, then the MBL would have to know to split the network here and
> call getOutput on C (before calling on D), so that is could have the
> output for display. Is this right, or am I way off base?

I think you're on track, but I dont really get this "a viever halfway a
network". I always
though every network has just one input on the start and one viewer at the
end of a
nodes network?

> 2. I'm not sure how the Overflow *Probe will work under this system. Am I
> missing something basic?

The "*Probe" system? Please explain.


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