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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Sep 28 22:51:51 EDT 2000

ecn at fault-tolerant.org wrote:
> So I'm interested in business-systems-as-dataflow.  Anyone else?

Well, it appears as though Josh Prismon is.  A couple days ago he wrote that
message titled "Quest for Understanding":

Josh Prismon wrote:
> The boss opens up the same browser, and hits his inbox. There is a little
> application there called "Request for a new PC by XXXXX". He clicks Aprove
> on that. His machine has a proccess called "approve" which then takes that
> information and sends it to a Purchasing server on the other side of the
> world.
> The Purchising server automagically purchases the server, debits the amount
> out of the departments budget, and sends confirmation letters....

It seems we have a couple people interested in the same thing here.

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