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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Sep 29 17:38:36 EDT 2000

Marcus Rosell wrote:
> Well I don?t intend to be just a lurker. I want to help :-)
> I?ve just been running Linux for 2 months, but I have programmed allot for other
> platforms (mostly amiga) and microprocessors. Now days I mostly program in C/C++,
> but there were day that i thought that Assembler was the only right way to hack.

Great.  Well, for people interested in C/C++ programming and the
infrastructure of Piper, I'd recommend helping with either the Brokering Layer
(lead by Jarl Van Katwijk) or the Processing Layer (lead by Jean-Marc Valin).

For people interested in C/C++ and GUI programming, I believe there are some
things to do in the BlueBox UI (lead by Nile Geisinger of dLoo).

In any case, anyone interested in helping should first get Piper to run on
their home systems.  There's a recent snapshot of the CVS module in anon FTP. 
Follow the instructions for "building from CVS".  And, PLEASE contact the list
if you are having trouble.  I hear that omniORB has trouble with FreeBSD.

The second step would be to join The Open Lab, which is the project management
system we're using:


>From there, you will get a shell account, CVS access, etc.  But, ask me to
"add" you to the project when ready.

The third step would be to look at the code for the layers you're
considering.  If you find something that suits your interests, contact the
respective leader via this list, and they'll tell you what needs working on.

> This is my first open source project so I don?t know how much time it is involved
> , but I intend to help the much I can.

Oh, there's no time commitment at all.  Do as much or as little as you want. 
We're just glad to have the help.

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