[Pipet Devel] welcome

Marcus Rosell claws at hem.passagen.se
Fri Sep 29 14:54:15 EDT 2000

"J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:

> We've added 17 people to the list since the Gnotices announcement of Piper!
> Welcome to the list, if this includes you.
> I hope that not everyone is a lurker ;-)  If anyone wants to help with
> something but maybe doesn't know what to do, then don't be shy, speak up, tell
> us your interests, and we can find something appropriate.  Maybe out of 17
> people we've got one or two who can help out.  That's why we made the
> announcement :-)

Well I don’t intend to be just a lurker. I want to help :-)
I’ve just been running Linux for 2 months, but I have programmed allot for other
platforms (mostly amiga) and microprocessors. Now days I mostly program in C/C++,
but there were day that i thought that Assembler was the only right way to hack.
This is my first open source project so I don’t know how much time it is involved
, but I intend to help the much I can.

/Marcus Rosell

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