[Pipet Devel] progress

jarl jarl at planetX.bastards.nl
Wed Jan 10 04:46:46 EST 2001

Thnx Brad for this feedback,

> >From the python tracebacks, it looks like these are all due to
> differences between Jeff's new code and how things are supposed to
> look.
What do you mean by this Brad? Has the Overflow API\formatting changed ?

> * There are a bunch of Overflow messages that get spit out. They don't 
> seem to cause any problems, but I can't explain 'em, either.
JeanMarc, already had a look?

> Other than that the submission seems to work -- now Jarl and Jean-Marc 
> just need to work on submitting the XML to the PL for
> processing... You should just be able to feed into UIDocument::run()
The submitted networks are passed on the Document::run() already. Try comitting the hello.n and it will be executed by the PL. But when I try to do something more complex, Overflow start complaining about things not being ok. My problem here is that I dont understand how Overflow needs the node structurized.


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