[Pipet Devel] progress

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed Jan 10 22:19:14 EST 2001

Hey Jarl!

> > From the python tracebacks, it looks like these are all due to
> > differences between Jeff's new code and how things are supposed to
> > look.

> What do you mean by this Brad? Has the Overflow API\formatting changed ?

No API has changed, but Jeff made a lot of changes to the organization 
of the Pied UI code, and it just looks like not all of the
functionality that the old organization had working got propogated to
the new code.
> > Other than that the submission seems to work -- now Jarl and Jean-Marc 
> > just need to work on submitting the XML to the PL for
> > processing... You should just be able to feed into
> > UIDocument::run()

> The submitted networks are passed on the Document::run() already. 

It does? Is this code in CVS? I was basing the fact that it didn't do
anything on reading the Representation_upload() code in
messaging_db.c, and it doesn't look like it does anything more than
return a valid URI. Am I looking in the wrong place? Or maybe I had
just drunk too much beer before looking at the code? :-)

> Try comitting the hello.n and it will be executed by the PL. But 
> when I try to do something more complex, Overflow start complaining 
> about things not being ok. My problem here is that I dont understand 
> how Overflow needs the node structurized.

The XML that the DL creates should, to the best of my understanding,
be what Overflow needs (after all, I actually create it using Overflow 
libraries -- I didn't spend all that time wrapping them for nothing
:-). If there are problems, it could be due to mistakes I made in
understanding or coding. In my mind, the DL should do a lot of
checking so that "bad" XML representations (at least, as far as the DL 
is able to tell that they are bad) don't get sent at all to the BL and 
send back an error to the UI.

If you are referring to how to structure Overflow nodes together to
make it do useful work, this is probably best explained by
Jean-Marc. I played with Overflow quite a bit in the past, which
helped me learn what little I do know, but he is definately the expert 


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