[Pipet Devel] BL work

bizzaro bizzaro at mercury.capeonramp.com
Sun Jan 14 19:01:19 EST 2001

>this weekend I started on something that will take my buzy for a while. I'm migrating
>current (procedural) BL code to OOP classes. done a structure for the classes, and I'm
>at 10% of the work to rewrite the code, already got a few sources compiling with the
>new classes. did this because the old code wasn't really designed for what the
>BL needs to do now. doing this rewrite now will spare much time later ;)

That's good to hear.  As for me, I have been spending some time doing some unrelated programming in Python.  But that's not a bad thing, since I've got my Python gears greased now.  I hope to finally dive back into Pied/Piper this week.


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